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Denizli, 22-29.09.2010

The first study visit of our project was held from 22 to 29 September in the Turkish school Haci Ibrahim Cin Ilkogretin Okulu in Denizli. The official meeting opened the first year of the project and the coordinators faced with the grueling task to set the precise dates of working meetings for the years ahead, tasks and their deadlines. All these to organize the project in the most effective way. The participants were warmly received by the Vice-Mayor of the city and met with the School Superintendent. The coordinators had a chance to admire pristine coastal waters of Marmaris, "snowy" rocks of Pammukale and explore the historic places like Laeodikya or Hierapolis.

The participants: Ewelina Ciemięga and Paweł Ciemięga (coordinators from Poland), Servet Utku and Mehmet Gokcen (Turkey), Doina Druta and Marta Turcu (Romania), Paula Cardoso, Graca Sapinho, Luis Peca and Rui Miranda (Portugal), Vita Maria Torelli, Lucia Fanizza and Marino Laterza (Italy).

Monte Redondo, 05-10.05.2011

After 9 months of hard work on the project, the Comenius team participated in a working meeting in Monte Redondo, Portugal. We arrived at the Lisbon airport early in the morning so we had enough time to take a stroll along the bay. The beautiful view was just a promise of further wonders. Then we got together with our European friends from Turkey, Romania and Italy and headed for the hosting school where a reception snack was awaiting for us.
The next day we had a trip to Leiria and visited its post-Roman castle and 12th century church. We had lunch in a picturesque town called Obidos and strolled along the beach and enjoyed the sand and foaming waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Nazare. Saturday turned out to be another exciting day full of unforgettable attractions. We visited the Gothic Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória in Batalha and also Sintra - a town that entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. Last day of our visit was devoted to hard work. We presented the results of our actions and celebrated the Europe Day.

Bucharest, 26.05.2011-01.06.2011

May was a busy month in our project calendar. Apart from the demanding timetable full of tasks and activities to carry out, our Comenius group paid a visit to Bucharest. The main aim of the working meeting was to present the outcomes of our efforts and to get to know each other. The Romanian school Liceul Teoretic Dante Alighieri received a numerous delegation from Poland, Turkey, Italy and Portugal. Krzczonów Gimnazjum was represented by following students: Karolina Kaliniak, Kamil Małecki, Natalia Cichosz, Łucja Kalinowska, Paulina Michałowska, Bartłomiej Mazur, Dominika U¶ciłowska, Ewelina Dyguła and Damian Trzciński. The pupils stayed under the supervision of the project coordinators: Ewelina Ciemięga and Paweł Ciemięga as well as the headmaster - Paweł Pru¶.
During our staying in Romania, all participants took part in creating a panoramic view of a modern city, designing modern buildings and presenting the model of Future European City. We visited the landmarks of Bucharest, for instance, The House of Parliament, Village Museum, Herastrau Park and Presidential Palace. Moreover, we took a weekend trip to the Carpathian Mountains to discover the well-known Romanian treasures: the Peles Castle and the mythical seat of Dracula - the Bran Castle.
We want to say "Thank you" to the Romanian school for warm and open-armed reception. We appreciate the effort you made to organize the meeting and to create a home-like atmosphere.

Monte Redondo, 26.09.2011-02.10.2011

Along with the new school year, here comes a new stage in our project work! This term will be primarily devoted to two themes: "The school in the 22nd century" and "My 22nd century home". The Portuguese school held an organizational meeting that officially launched the final year of the project. The visit aimed at drawing up the working plan and laying down detailed guidelines for the activities to enhance our effectiveness and enjoyment of our work and achieve the desired results.
After long arduous work days, we took pleasure in getting to know Portugal... One of the attractions was a visit in picturesque Porto - the capital city of Portuguese wine. Time passes here slowly and steadily, in the pace of boats loaded with wine barrels floating down the River Douro. The destination spot both for ships and fatigued tourists is Vila Nova de Gaia where the signboards with English-sounding wine producers set the route to the heart of the city - wine cellars. Porto gives the impression of laid-back nonchalance and tempts with the scent of rape grapes and overwhelming power of ocean waves...
The next stop in our journey was Figueira da Foz, a coast city at the mouth of The River Mondego, and its vicinity. We visited a salt farm where we got to know the salt production though vaporizing water. We were accompanied by honorable quests - flamingos proudly paddling in a small lake.

Massafra, 20.10.2011-27.10.2011

Buongiorno Italia!

This is not the first time we've packed our luggage to set off our journey and meet our European friends. This time, however, we're heading to the south of the Old Continent. Moving on the wings of Alitalia Airlines and soaring on the wings of adventure, our team reaches the destination – Massafra, where a whole host of attractions is awaiting…
We whiled away the first day of the meeting by visiting the school, talking with the teachers and pupils and savouring Italian cakes and coffee. In the evening, we enjoyed folk dances performance and music concert. The next two days passed quickly since we explored Naples. To me, the city is an essence of the south of Italy - horning and whirring noise interweaves with the nasal Neapolitan accent, the scent of pizza wafting in the sea breeze. The modern, glass-walled skyscrapers jostle with the 12th-century monuments, the heathen superstitions complement the religious practices and the Roman cultural heritage is being flooded by the Camorra warfare. Everything here is mixed like spaghetti in Neapolitan sauce and it tastes delicious, indeed! We toured around the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii located at the foot of the volcano Mount Vesuvius. The vibrant town with flourishing trade and agriculture suddenly came to a standstill as soon as lava solidified. The powerful city was turned into a mass tomb within few hours...
Another place that made a deep impression almost on everyone was a small but magic city called Alberobello. The stone whitewashed huts with conical roofs resemble shelters of mythical creatures. Right away from a fairy tale, we moved to Martina Franca - a town with stunning baroque architecture and relaxed atmosphere. We had a chance to visit Taranto - the seat of legendary gods: Heracles and Taras (the son of Poseidon). Even now you may sense the almighty heroes’ power over the sea as Taranto is a navy base.

Krzczonów, 16.05.2012-22.05.2012



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